Empty spaces are national disgraces


Sunday, April 1

Unfortunately, this is not an April Fool's joke.

Frequent Guerilla contributor Nigel Beale paid a visit recently to the exhibition spaces at the Library and Archives Canada here in Ottawa.

“What I saw today, within stark, neglected walls, was evidence of a serious abdication of responsibility at Library and Archives Canada.  A failure to do justice to our past. This is nothing short of a national disgrace,” reported Beale on his blog.

“I asked the woman at reception why there weren’t any exhibits on display.  ‘There hasn’t been anything here for more than a year and a half,' she told me.”

“I later learned that management of the main floor of the building has been turned over to Public Works, meaning that community organizations previously free to rent space for their various book related events and activities at no charge, now have to pay ‘market rates’.  The Library itself no longer, apparently, has control over its own space,” Beale added.

Beale posted several pictures of the empty spaces and wrote in detail about the sad state of affairs. He’s also blogged twice more on the matter.

Read all about it here.