Figureworks celebrates the foundations of visual art

Monday, November 26, 2012

Member of the church of Entropy, Stephen Frew, 2012

Oil on Linen, Charlene Lau-Ahier, 2010


There’s a diversity of interesting pieces in the ongoing Figureworks juried awards exhibition on view at St. Brigid’s until December 2. And because figural works often become more compelling when coupled in diptychs, Guerilla has paired a selection of the exhibited pieces for your viewing pleasure in this installment of g-Gallery.


What is more, Hilde Lambrechts—the Ottawa-based artist who founded Figureworks in 2010—has some refreshingly candid insights to share about the show’s raisons d'être. Lambrechts offered no fewer than eight answers to the question “Why did you initiate the Figureworks project?” Here are all eight.


“Because rendering a human figure is a great way to develop and maintain technical skill in art.”


“Because developing and maintaining technical skill is key to the profession of visual artist, especially when we live in an age wherein we can all be artists when we have a concept that can be developed with little skill required. At the end of the road, it is good to return to the figure from which new ways can be explored.”


“Because the human figure is popular among artists, but not with gallery owners because of the low selling potential so they say.”


“Because perhaps conservative Ottawa is not ready for a nude on the wall and I like to shake things up.”


“Because this is a way for me to give back to the artistic community: No commission, no membership fee, but the opportunity to explore and show off artistic ability without worries about selling potential.”


“Because the human figure is a great tool to communicate with the viewer.”


“Because there is nothing wrong with ambition and striving to improve.”


“Because complaining about the lack of opportunities leads to nothing. Better failing than not have tried. Hence the birth of Figureworks. I’ll see where it goes. But nobody can say I did not try! So far, so good.”


The Figureworks 2012 jury consists of Jerry Grey, Karen Bailey, and Maskull Lasserre.




Gaze, Mahshid Farhoudi, 2012

Hijabi Chic, Pansee Atta, 2012



Taking a stand
, Rosemary Breault-Landry, 2009

Gisele, Charlene Lau-Ahier, 2010





Mary, Kim Edgar, 2012

My mixed emotions V.2, Ted Johnston, 2012






Amber (Symington) Grobbelar, Gerald Smith, 2009

Benet Baldwin, Gerald Smith, 2009



Meditation, Rosemary Breault-Landry, 2009

Cory Haggart, Janet Slavin, 2012



Colours of masculinity 7 – “strained”, Maja Maricic, 2009

I like to paint!, Margo Blackell, 2012



Fraser, Nicole Crozier, 2012

Wind, Kerri Weller, 2011